Montebello x Halchimy

Montebello and Halchimy: The passionate alliance of watchmaking and rum, mixing the roots Guadeloupean cities with a captivating international dimension. Montebello, the renowned distillery established in Guadeloupe for almost a century, and Halchimy the luxury watch brand founded by passionate Guadeloupeans, are proud to announce their partnership.

This exceptional union between rum and watchmaking harmoniously combines Guadeloupean roots on a global scale, thus creating an encounter imbued with passion, elegance, authenticity and of innovation.

Halchimy, an international watch brand, renowned for its know-how and design timeless, unites with Montebello, a distillery whose exceptional rums have conquered the whole world. This partnership goes well beyond a simple commercial collaboration, it embodies the meeting of two universe, mixing local pride and openness to the globe. The founders of the two brands, both from Guadeloupe, wanted to marry their shared passion for exceptional watchmaking and the captivating flavors of Guadeloupean rum. This is how this partnership was born, highlighting Guadeloupean cultural riches and art of living, while opening up to an international audience.

“This partnership is a true meeting of hearts and souls, combining our Guadeloupean roots with an international vision. This is the start of a solid and lasting relationship,” declares NICOLAS CO-FOUNDER OF HALCHIMY.

“We are proud to share our cultural heritage with the world, creating pieces unique innovative watches that celebrate watchmaking excellence, and soon a collection that signals passion Guadeloupean rum.” SAMUEL, GENERAL DIRECTOR OF MONTEBELLO adds: “We are honored to partner with Halchimy, an international watch brand that shares our love for Guadeloupe. This partnership represents our common desire to promote our Guadeloupean heritage around the world, offering captivating and unique experiences.” “We are committed to continuing to collaborate hand in hand, pushing the boundaries innovation and creating unforgettable experiences. Together we are building a future promising, based on excellence, authenticity and the passion that drives us.” This unique partnership highlights the ability of Guadeloupean companies to position themselves on the international scene with success

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