Gourmet Partnership – Montebello x The Sound of the Earth

“””Gourmet Partnership – Montebello x The Sound of the Earth

We are delighted to reveal to you a most tempting collaboration between Rhum Agricole Montebello and the bistronomic restaurant of the barge “Le Son de la Terre” in Paris.

When two stories come together around the same name, it’s the start of a delicious adventure! Our teams discovered with surprise that “”Montebello”” evoked as much for us as for our partners of “”The Sound of the Earth”” a common historical past, that of the eponymous battle in Italy.

Thus, it is with immense joy that we announce the launch of a partnership between our two houses. On the menu ? A perfect fusion between the subtlety of our rums and the creative audacity of the chef of “”Le Son de la Terre””.

To inaugurate the new menu as well as our collaboration, we are pleased to invite you to a launch party on February 6 on the barge. This will be an opportunity to preview our signature Montebello dessert, which promises moments of intense taste pleasure.

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